• Betrayal Trauma

    When you discover the betrayal of your partner, it can plunge you into pain, confusion, loss, and grief. The losses can range from the loss of trust in your partner to the loss of your sense of self.

    I have studied and worked extensively with betrayal trauma, and received training as a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist (CPTT- C). In my experience, I have learned that this type of trauma parallels the sudden loss of a loved one. While one may go through the stages of grief as part of their healing journey, the stages are not linear and there are many other present emotions and thoughts that arise. As we work to identify the pain the emotions can overlap, and repeat, you may find yourself bouncing around between stages from minute to minute.

    This will be a process and it will take focused amounts of self-compassion. Please be patient and kind with yourself. We will look at the grief process and we will work together to establish a sense of internal safety as you process through the trauma of the betrayal.