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    Betrayal Trauma Recovery Center (The BTRC)

    The BTRC is an intensive multi-day therapeutic programs specifically created for Betrayal Trauma and Relational Trauma. These programs use highly effective therapy modalities that promote rapid trauma recovery. The BTRC model facilitates optimal healing and recovery in the aftermath of a betrayal.

    The BTRC honors each person’s recovery and restoration process through empathy, compassion and connection. We are here to help you move beyond betrayal and reclaim your life.

    The BTRC offers a Women’s Betrayal Trauma Intensive, Men’s Relational Trauma, and an individual intensive program. All intensive programs will launch in Summer/Fall of 2023. Contact us or get on the waitlist to receive program updates. Jessica is a Co-Founder, Director of Business Development and Strategy, and a primary therapist at The BTRC. 

    For more information about The BTRC programs go to the website at www.thebtrc.com