• How Counseling Can Help With Big Life Changes

    They say there are only two things in life you can count on: death and taxes. I would add a third: changes. Every person goes through changes in life. And some of those changes can be significant.

    Whether you are graduating, starting a new job, moving to a new city, or ending a relationship, you may find dealing with change to be stressful.

    Counseling can absolutely help you navigate these big life changes so you can make the absolute best decision for you.

    Here are some ways counseling can help with big life changes:

    Managing Expectations

    There’s the change itself, and then there’s what we expect life to be during and after the change. Often we can feel stress when reality does not align with our expectations of reality. Counseling can help you manage your expectations so that the transition is peaceful and realistic.

    A Balanced Framework

    Change means one door closes as another one opens and sometimes people can put all of their focus and attention on that closing door. Focusing on only the ending can make us feel symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    A counselor can help you focus on the new opportunities ahead of you while also acknowledging the difficulty of change.


    For many of us, change means burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of ourselves. Counseling can remind us (as many times as needed) that we need to make our physical and mental health a priority during this transition.

    If you’d like to explore more about how counseling is helpful for life transitions please reach out. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.




    Adjusting to Big Life Changes